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Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Parents As Partners Memorandum of Understanding

As partners in the educational process at Christ the King Catholic School, we the guardians of ___Name(s) will be added below___, understand that this agreement must be signed prior to beginning school at Christ the King Catholic School and we agree to the following statements:

(Guardians/Parents please initial each statement below)


Initial one of the two statements below.

CHRISTIAN ANTHROPOLGY: I understand that in accord with this sexual identity policy, school personnel will address students by the name with which the student is registered (or its common derivative) and pronouns correlating to the student’s sexual identity based on biological sex from conception. All other policies at this school will reflect the teaching of the Catholic Church concerning sexual identity.

Christ the King Catholic School looks forward to this partnership during the upcoming school year.

I acknowledge that my child and I have received access to the current Parent/Student Handbook and are also
looking forward to a great year. I will read and comply with the policies contained therein. I understand that
failure to uphold the standards and policies of Christ the King Catholic School by either the students or the parents
may result in disciplinary actions or separation from the school.

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