What is the Christ the King PTO?

The Christ the King School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is organized to support the educational academic, religious, and service goals and objectives of Christ the King School (the "School"). The purposes, goals, and objectives of the PTO include: (a) to support the school, its administration and faculty, (b) to engage in fundraising activities to support the school and school-related programs, (c) to work with the parish priests, parish council, school advisory council, and entire parish community in promoting and supporting the school, (d) to work with parent-teacher associations and organizations affiliated with other Catholic schools, private schools, and public schools as the PTO may consider appropriate in furtherance of its general goals and purposes, (e) to serve as a mechanism for communication among school administration, faculty, and parents, and (f) to work with the school in providing excellent opportunities and advantages for students enrolled in the school, especially with regard to spiritual, educational, academic, physical, social, and personal growth and development.

Basically, PTO facilitates volunteerism and fundraising efforts between our parents and our faculty to ensure that Christ the King Catholic School is the very best it can be! So thanks to EVERYONE, because we couldn't do it without YOU!

Newsletter Contact

Lauren Paternostro


Anyone who is not receiving updates via email and would like to be added to the database can send an email to cknewsletter@ckschool.com and make a request.


CK Knightly Newsletters

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Jeans Day and Spirit Day and Auction Jeans Day, Oh My!

The first and last Fridays of each month are extra fun non-uniform days at CK! Go ahead and mark your calendars and get some quarters handy…

1st Friday of the month: “Jeans Day”
This is a uniform-free day and students get to wear whatever they'd like as long as it follows school guidelines (Section 4 of the Parent Student Handbook). Don't forget you can send your child to school with 50 cents for ice cream during lunch (except during Lent)! Applies to all full time students only.

Last Friday of the month: “Spirit Day”
Students wear any CK t-shirt along with any bottoms, as long as the bottoms meet  school guidelines (Section 4 of the Parent Student Handbook). You can send 50 cents for ice cream on this day as well!

2nd Monday of the month: “Auction Jeans/Athletic Shorts Day”
Students wear any t-shirt with their choice of jeans or gym shorts (shorts must reach knees unless your child is wearing tights or leggings). If you want your child(ren) to be able to participate, there is a $35 donation per child and all proceeds go towards our school auction!