• 2020/21 KIDS CLUB news

    We have a new procedures and policies for the upcoming school year.  Please read through thoroughly. Thank you.

    KIDS CLUB 2020/21 COVID-19 Guidelines

    These are the set guidelines that will be followed throughout the afternoon with your children in addition to all guidelines provid3d by the school.

    Masks are required for employees and children. Employees will be provided face shields also.

    Gloves will be worn by employees when necessary.

    Before anyone enters the building they will be assessed for symptoms according to OKDHS (temperature, recent travel, etc.).

    Employees will check each other's temperature upon arrival. If any has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or above they will immediately be sent home.  A replacement employee will then be called in to work.  

    While gloved and masked, an employee will prepare snacks for each child.  They will be individually packaged and placed on a cart for each group.

    Employees will go to the classrooms to escort the children to KIDS CLUB.

    Children will be separated into groups to follow social distancing.

    Children's temperature will be checked by group leader(employee) when they are picked up from their classroom and again at 4:30 PM.

    We will practice social distancing rules for snack times.

    The groups will be allowed to do homework and also participate in various activities within their group throughout the afternoon in order to maintain social distancing. 

    Each child's backpack will remain with his/her group and be distanced from others.

    Children will be asked to bring their own sunscreen(specifically for faces or if they require lotion based sunscreen) and the gloved group leader will help apply if needed.

    Toys and other necessary equipment will be sanitized daily.

    Employees will monitor children's handwashing throughout the afternoon(i.e., timing them for 20 seconds).

    When parents arrive to pick up children,  they will need to call their child's group leaders' cell phone and an employee will walk the child to the parents' car.  Parents are asked to remain at their car.  We ask that the parent wear a mask and social distance from the employee.  Parents are required to pick up all their children at this time. If a parent needs to speak to Mrs. P. please feel free to call at any time.   

    Parents will be required to sign a release waiver on the basis that they are voluntarily enrolling their children with the knowledge of these given guidelines. 

    Parents are asked and HIGHLY encouraged to directly discuss these new procedures with their children before the program starts so that the children have some understanding of these expectations.

    If a child has been checked out of school during the day for any reason and has not been checked back in to the school office, they are NOT allowed to return to the program that day* unless prior arrangements have been made.



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About Kids Club

KIDS CLUB is the after school program for students from All day Pre K through 8th grade.  We provide a healthy snack, supervised relaxation time, and supervised study hall for the students from 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm. When a parent comes to pick up child/children, all children are to be picked up.


If a child has been checked out of school at the end of day for any reason and not checked back in to the school office, they are NOT allowed to return to the program that day* unless prior arrangements have been made.