Course Overview

The focus of 7th grade religion is prayer, early history of the Church during the time of the apostles, sacraments of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and service.  First quarter, we will begin with prayer since the spiritual life is rooted in our relationship with Christ.  By participating in various types of prayer, students will establish a foundation for personal and public prayer. This will assist them for fuller participation in and understanding of the liturgy. Next we will cover the sacraments, rooted in Christ, so as to better understand the real world impact they have in our lives. In Church history, we will see how in the Church’s early life still impact the Church today.

Reoccurring themes throughout the year will include: discipleship, social justice, human dignity, service, community, and the Sacred Scriptures.  Most importantly, we will center our class around the Eucharist, as the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life and a sign of the reign of God.

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