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    PowerSchool will be open on Monday June 3rd except for accounts with outstanding holds.

    Information Technology
  • Student Technology Turn in (Updated 5/21/19)

    Due to yesterdays weather the turn in has been moved to Wednesday.  All student technology must be turned in after the last final exam.  Now is a good time to ensure all parts are accounted for.  If you are missing any parts or something is broken, come see Jeff Kopp for replacements.  This includes missing keyboard keys.  All parts must be official parts.  Generic parts will not be accepted.  Report cards will be held for any missing parts/broken items.

    This is the list of devices issued to each grade:

    6th grade - HP ProBook x360 11 EE G1 notebook, power supply and cord.

    7th grade - MS Surface Pro 4, Type Cover (keyboard), Surface Pen, power supply and cord.

    8th grade - MS Surface 3, Type Cover (keyboard), Surface Pen, power supply and cord.

    Notes: If you leave the case on, it will be returned to you next year with the case.  Please check the condition of the case.  If its broken remove it during check-in and see if the manufacture will warranty it.  Otherwise please purchase a new one for next year.  Graduating 8th graders not wanting the case may leave it on the system as a donation to the school. 

    Information Technology

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